Rooms in Nea Vrasna at accommodation Villa Paradise
20 meters from the sea
Wi-Fi internet
Kitchen - Refrigerator
Satellite TV
Air condition

The accommodation Villa Paradise offer rooms for 2, 3 and 4 persons with modern decoration. Also there are:

Air condition
Satellite TV
Free Wi-Fi wireless internet

Most rooms have an open view to the beach. There are large balconies with table and chairs for joining the view.

Respecting any special needs a modern elevator was contructed in order to have a quick access to your rooms.

Will touch the verry sense of cleanliness which exists in every accommodation room,strictly following the rules:healthy with best products and experinced staff.
GNTO CRN: 0933Κ123Κ0371200
Villa Paradise - Rent Rooms Nea Vrasna, 2nd Beach road, Tel: +30 23970 21 888, Mobile: +30 6945 084644,  +30 6977 916311, Fax: +30 23970 21889
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